Close is a download platform which is established by Caner Bayraktar on 2004 and available since then. It proceeds to its activities in Izmir as CNT Interactive Information Technologies Software Industry and Trade Corporation and established several other internet enterprises successfully as well.

The goal of is becoming the source of fast and safe download platfrom. We are at the number 1 with our Turkish services!

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We have published "Turkey Download Trend Report 2015".


Tamindir Corporate is opened.

We have published "Turkey Download Trend Report 2014".


Tamindir 10 years old!

We modernize our logo.

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Tamindir all together.

We distribute thousands of gifts to our visitors

We exceed the 770 million downloads.


Google I/O 2013

The event that held in San Francisco, USA.We were allowed to stand for 2 days field. We were only Turkish company that year.

Mobile interface, opened.

Tamindir free monthly e-magazine published between
January and August 2013

Our team continues to expand.


The celebration of 8.year

Jury Selection
10. Golden Spider Awards in Category Information Technology Second

People's Favorite
10. Golden Spider Awards in the Category Information Technology First


Renewed Tamindir

With comprehensive renewal video, we opened new sections such as video, mobile, blog.

2011 Income Producing Partners Best Original Content Sites Championship
2011 TBD Second E-Young


Tamindir First Prize

Golden Spider Information Technology category Championship


Renewed Tamindir

First Office

Tamindir office opened.



The company was founded in 2004 by Caner Bayraktar. In the begining company worked as home-office.Editors who join form outside contituted the content.

First Interface

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