Join the family and become the part of Tamindir

Tamindir is the best place to work

That’s not just what we think. During last 10 years that has been past, all our teammate,  companies which are our partners and all people who are related with us has same ideas about us. We just not offer friendlly enviroment for our employees, also give them chances to prove and to be recognized in business enviroment.

Our work deserves its value

With desktop and mobile applications, Tamindir reaches a huge global audience as one of the fastest growing online platforms in Turkey,. Every month, more than 20 million people visit our platforms and follow our high-quality content. Our aim is to be the best place on the web and for that purpose, we’re willing to work hard. If it is also excited you, Tamindir is right place for you.

Diversity make us powerful

With variety of talented teammate, we welcome all new and young talents to work with us.With different experience and wide range of talented people make us diverse and increase our power.

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