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Thanks to diverse content and innovative services, we advertise the products which are devoloped by popular software companies and bring our users together with them.

Tamindir Routing Service

In term of Tamindir Routing Service, we share softwares which are prepared by program productors via customized download pages and help softwares to far more reach more users.

Developer may increase their number of download with Tamindir Routing, may make their software more reacheable and their software take place top positions in the download list. For instance, with the corporation that is made with Avast, the latest version of Avast is seen in Tamindir before their all publisher.

Tamindir CDN File Hosting

Tamindir provides seamless and safe download experience with keeping its own servers.Thanks to CDN File Hosting Service, you can share the experience of reliable download and low cost.

Tamindir Software and Application Review meet developers with its new service.

We help developer with our new service to take your application the place where they deserve and not to let them disappear amoung million of applications.We observe your application for your place and make them reachable for users.We bring your application to the right place with basic and effective ways.

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