Close has reached 700 million downloads!

Since 2004 Tamindir has a finger on the pulse of the world of technology and has recently reached 700 million downloads. Our team proud of accomplishing to reach such a great number and continue to work for presenting a better technology platform to its followers

Reaching 700 million downloads is not a one day success. It was succeeded with the trust and devotion of our followers alongside our team’s has been referred as Turkey’s largest software and application download websites and this accomplishment is one of the best indicators of this success.

Realization of such an event in the 10th anniversary of Tamindir, helps our team to maintain the excitement which was preserved since the first day of the project. Thus, we want to thank our followers who make us to feel this excitement and added us power. Also, proud to announce that we will use this power to move our project forward and provide a better service to you.



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