Tamindir Turns 11

Tamindir was founded in 2004 incorporated with CNT Interactive, Inc. and by March 2015, is now 11 years old. We are proud of its successful development process and happy to make it even further as the team of CNT Interactive.

As a platform of technology, software and application Tamindir, surely did not make this way by itself. Our team’s devoted works, our visitors’ ambitious supports and our partners’ qualified cooperation made an immense contribution to Tamindir in this 11 years.

By means of program and application downloads, videos, technology news and guides, Tamindir became a huge reference guide to anyone who looks up for a source in technology. With this way, many developers and producers who would like to share their applications, software and products choose Tamindir to reach their target users.

Tamindir’s new infographic will be an informative guide by means of our user habits and what we have achieved in 11 years. Tamindir 2014 Download Trends Report can also be a vast guide for users to see the download trends of the year in industry-specific way.


We have a strong belief that we will continue to carry this success in Turkish internet. Happy new year!


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