Tamindir Achieved 800 Million Total Downloads has begun its life in 2004 as a software download portal and has been transformed into one of the largest content providers in terms of Technology ever since. But software reviews and downloads were always its main speciality and after all these 11 years, 800 million of total downloads has been achieved by our website. It clearly shows us that users continue to use Tamindir as their primary source of softwares and applications.

Total count of software downloads were 700 million on Tamindir last year and additional 100 million downloads indicate that our visitors easily find what they look for on Tamindir and contents provided by our editorial team reaches to their goals. Also increased amount of news, guides and video contents help Tamindir to reach out to users much easier than before, because these contents help visitors to gain proficiency over the softwares and apps they have downloaded and solve their problems without any hesitation through detailed guidelines.

We are confident that Tamindir will be a better, faster and detailed source for software in oncoming years and software download counts will further increase. As Tamindir Team, we are happy to share our appriciation with all our visitors who are always informing us about our good deeds and criticize our mistakes. Tamindir family hopes to find the continuing support of all its users through years to come.

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