We are attending Casual Connect 2014 Belgrade Event

Casual Connect is a professional organization where developers, distributors and publishers come together and discuss about the internal dynamics of mobile game market. Every year, 6500 professionals meet and attempt to find solutions for existing problems of gaming industry. The organization covers a broad range of game platforms including PC games, mobile games and every type of handheld device games.

Being and international organziation, professionals from 86 countries visit Casual Connect to create synergy together and improve the internal dynamics of the industry. These professionals serve the needs of their colleagues and improve their working conditions. The power of the organization comes from collaboration between its parts and working in a harmony.

CNT Interactive company, which covers the most popular web-based services of Turkey, also takes part in this organization to help professionals to develop industry. Publishers, game developers and distributors have the chance of improving their working conditions with the help of this ever-growing organziation.


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