Close is 10 years old!, within the scope of CNTInteractive Inc., recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Until this time, has got the biggest share from internet traffic in Turkey with its unique contents, design improvements and distribution of internet services.

With the initiation of one person, Caner Bayraktar, was included into internet literature and alongside its monthly 11 million unique visitors, it accomplished to be the first website that come to mind of Turkish internet users in the software-technology categories.

As CNT Interactive, we never lose our desire to develop and carry our project a step further for 10 years. Therefore, in our 10th anniversary, we believe that changing’s logo will reflect our innovative face and we presented our new logo design to our fans and internet users.

For more information about’s 10th anniversary and new logo; please follow the link.

You can see the infographic about historical development process, some important point and new logo of bellow.

tamindir 10 yaşında


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