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Tamindir Turns 11

Tamindir was founded in 2004 incorporated with CNT Interactive, Inc. and by March 2015, is now 11 years old. We are proud of its successful development process and happy to make it even further as the team of CNT Interactive.

As a platform of technology, software and application Tamindir, surely did not make this way by itself. Our team’s devoted works, our visitors’ ambitious supports and our partners’ qualified cooperation made an immense contribution to Tamindir in this 11 years.

By means of program and application downloads, videos, technology news and guides, Tamindir became a huge reference guide to anyone who looks up for a source in technology. With this way, many developers and producers who would like to share their applications, software and products choose Tamindir to reach their target users.

Tamindir’s new infographic will be an informative guide by means of our user habits and what we have achieved in 11 years. Tamindir 2014 Download Trends Report can also be a vast guide for users to see the download trends of the year in industry-specific way.


We have a strong belief that we will continue to carry this success in Turkish internet. Happy new year!

Tamindir Achieved 800 Million Total Downloads has begun its life in 2004 as a software download portal and has been transformed into one of the largest content providers in terms of Technology ever since. But software reviews and downloads were always its main speciality and after all these 11 years, 800 million of total downloads has been achieved by our website. It clearly shows us that users continue to use Tamindir as their primary source of softwares and applications.

Total count of software downloads were 700 million on Tamindir last year and additional 100 million downloads indicate that our visitors easily find what they look for on Tamindir and contents provided by our editorial team reaches to their goals. Also increased amount of news, guides and video contents help Tamindir to reach out to users much easier than before, because these contents help visitors to gain proficiency over the softwares and apps they have downloaded and solve their problems without any hesitation through detailed guidelines.

We are confident that Tamindir will be a better, faster and detailed source for software in oncoming years and software download counts will further increase. As Tamindir Team, we are happy to share our appriciation with all our visitors who are always informing us about our good deeds and criticize our mistakes. Tamindir family hopes to find the continuing support of all its users through years to come.

With Best Regards has reached 700 million downloads!

Since 2004 Tamindir has a finger on the pulse of the world of technology and has recently reached 700 million downloads. Our team proud of accomplishing to reach such a great number and continue to work for presenting a better technology platform to its followers

Reaching 700 million downloads is not a one day success. It was succeeded with the trust and devotion of our followers alongside our team’s has been referred as Turkey’s largest software and application download websites and this accomplishment is one of the best indicators of this success.

Realization of such an event in the 10th anniversary of Tamindir, helps our team to maintain the excitement which was preserved since the first day of the project. Thus, we want to thank our followers who make us to feel this excitement and added us power. Also, proud to announce that we will use this power to move our project forward and provide a better service to you.

700milyon-indirme is 10 years old!, within the scope of CNTInteractive Inc., recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Until this time, has got the biggest share from internet traffic in Turkey with its unique contents, design improvements and distribution of internet services.

With the initiation of one person, Caner Bayraktar, was included into internet literature and alongside its monthly 11 million unique visitors, it accomplished to be the first website that come to mind of Turkish internet users in the software-technology categories.

As CNT Interactive, we never lose our desire to develop and carry our project a step further for 10 years. Therefore, in our 10th anniversary, we believe that changing’s logo will reflect our innovative face and we presented our new logo design to our fans and internet users.

For more information about’s 10th anniversary and new logo; please follow the link.

You can see the infographic about historical development process, some important point and new logo of bellow.

tamindir 10 yaşında

Tamindir Internet Metering Top 20 List

IAB Türkiye Internet Ölçümleme Araştırması, Türkiye’de internet kullanmını ölçmeye yönelik en kapsamlı araştırmadır. CNT Interactive‘in de üyesi olduğu IAB Türkiye’nin bu araştırması Gemius ve Ipsos KMG tarafından yürütülmektedir.

Tamindir, her geçen ay artan yüksek trafiği Türk internet kullanıcılarının en çok ziyaret ettiği sitelerden biri olmaya devam ediyor. Rapora göre Tamindir, Türk internet kullanıcılarının 15.11% ‘ine ulaşmaktadır.

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